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New iAuto, iRealty & iLister Release by WorksForWeb

Monday, March 30th, 2009

WorksForWeb (WFW), a software development team specialized in the classifieds solutions announces a new release of its top classifieds products: iAuto, iRealty and iLister.

WFW introduces a number of new features to enhance the overall user experience with the classifieds scripts. In response to customer demand and recently collected feature requests, iAuto v.4.5.0, iRealty v.4.6.0 and iLister v.4.5.0 now include a host of serious improvements in usability, functionality and performance dictated by the advanced industry standards and requirements.

The listing comparison mechanism is introduced in the latest software release. It provides advanced field-by-field comparison algorithms for multiple listings. Unlike some of the industry’s market leader portals, all WFW product-based websites now offer unlimited listing comparison capability. Users browsing listings in one category can simply click the “Compare Ad” button and all pre-selected listings will be displayed in the Comparison Results table. Users can also remove some listings from the table to focus closer on the ones that best match the request. Now the eternal problem of choosing among similar products is elegantly resolved in a couple of mouse clicks.
Among the newly added features there is one that performs import and export of user data in both CSV and XLS formats. Those formats are the most typical and widely-used user account formats. This feature is instrumental for backing up and sharing of the customer account base with third party applications (internal corporate db, newsletter scripts, billing software) fast, easily and conveniently.
The latest release also features CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) protection added to block form submissions from spam bots and prevent abuse. Ad ranking system, a great social networking tool, is a great tool to encourage customer participation and sharing of experience.
Now images uploaded to listings on websites powered by WorksForWeb classifieds software can be copyright protected with watermarks. As a site administrator, you can easily add a custom watermark (image or text) to be automatically merged with all images uploaded by your users. As points out, using watermarks for copyright protection and security reasons is equally beneficial to the Web site owners as using watermarks as a marketing/branding tool for additional exposure.
In addition to the above features, the new release of iAuto, iRealty and iLister classifieds solutions includes a number of enhancements such as indicators of the max number of symbols allowed for text input fields, and a new and greatly improved availability calendar interface.
You are welcome to find more information on the changes and improvements implemented to iAuto, iRealty, and iLister on the official WFW website at Alternatively, you can contact, email or chat with our Sales Team. Please send your requests to , and and we’ll be happy to address your inquiries.

iLister Restaurant and Hotel Guide

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

WorksForWeb launches new mod of iLister – iLister Restaurant and Hotel Guide.

Ready-made tool for online business ventures, our iLister Restaurant and Hotel Guide, is a perfect example of how versatile iLister can be to address specific industry needs. A HoReCa guide for your local community is a steady source of income from local businesses lined up to post their ads on your resource.

Unlike a Web 2.0 community website overfilled with spam, visitor/competitor complaints and useless functions that businesses are wary to advertise in, iLister is a clean-cut Yellow Pages-style online directory. It features popular neighborhood locations or tourist hot spots, and serves as a great town/city guide for visitors and locals alike. You can add extra sections (entertainment, sports and recreational activities) to turn your iLister-based website into a veritable city/town community making money on banner advertisements from local service providers and listing fees.

Add custom fields on the spot, tune the website up by modifying its look and feel with your custom template, spice it up with local news and events, add articles and polls, and let your visitors quickly find directions to featured place on GoogleMaps. iLister Restaurant and Hotel Guide is your own crisis-defying small business which is a few clicks away from you.

Take a look at it: