WorksForWeb Launches a New Release of iAuto, iLister and iRealty to Enhance Income Generation from Classifieds Websites

WorksForWeb is proud to come up with a new version of its classifieds software: iLister 4.6.0, iRealty 4.7.0 and iAuto 4.6.0. As of this version, we’re offering ability to display video from YouTube, brand new search among users, ability to include a slideshow to listings. You will now have a wonderful opportunity to use WYSIWYG editor in text-fields and make the listings highlighted. Several bug fixes and existing features enhancements have been also added. Along with amazing performance, customizability and speed you can now enjoy the expanded functionality aimed at the providing you as a classifieds site owner with new reliable revenue streams to earn more and more money offering your visitors and clients new options to make their listings stay out of the crowd.

Now users can easily add a vivid and informative slideshow to their listings. Users simply pay for this option to be enabled by the administrator and get access to the opportunity to create an attractive slide show. The slide show includes all necessary elements for comfortable viewing of the slides uploaded for the listing (start/stop/pause buttons, customizing slide changing intervals, etc.)

Another great feature – displaying video from YouTube in listings – will allow you to add a block displaying videos directly from YouTube and similar video sites. This option can be provided by the administrator for any listing on paid basis. The administrator can turn on this function for all listings making this option absolutely free to use for all registered users or this function can be enabled for only several user groups and few listings paid by your clients. Sometimes a short video clip can say much more than words or even a number of pictures, so it’s a good reason for your users to pay for the video in listing and a great chance for them to present the listing in the best way.

The administrator can now create a page with the ability to perform search among the registered users of the site. Users will be able to specify search criteria and view the results which will include the list of the users from the selected group. So you can now enjoy the search among the registered users having all the search opportunities you are used to have with previous versions of iLister, iRealty and iAuto classifieds software. Besides the search results are generated and displayed as a separate page with specific URL where user information is presented (including logo, contacts, links to full user profile and all listings by this user). This feature is a great chance for those dealers who has no their own web-site. The generated web-page can be presented by the dealer to clients and provide on-line presence at minimum costs.

The new version of the classifieds software also offers powerful formatting capabilities for text-fields in listings with WYSIWYG editor to visually improve content and make it more attractive and readable.

New version of iLister, iRealty and iAuto classifieds software provides the ability to highlight the selected listings. It will surely play its positive role in attracting attention of the prospective clients. The administrator of the classifieds site can enable highlight feature and set the price for using the feature. Listing owner can activate highlighting simply by pressing on “Make Highlighted” button and enjoy this additional opportunity to make listings visibly outstanding.

You are welcome to find more information on the changes and improvements implemented to iAuto, iRealty, and iLister on the official WFW website at Alternatively, you can contact, email or chat with our Sales Team. Please send your requests to, and and we’ll be happy to address your inquiries.

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