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Learning SEO: Social Bookmarking For Your Site. Get Started!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

List of Bookmarking Sites

In fact, there are 100’s of sites out there you can bookmark your site at. Please, check out our social bookmarking list and build your own. PR8 PR8 PR7 PR8 PR8 PR8 PR7 PR8 PR8 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR7 PR8 PR7 PR7 PR8

How to add my site to a social bookmarking site?

As an example, let’s add our site to the bookmarks at First of all you need to create an account (if you have no account). Ready? Now you are able to store additional bookmarks, tag your bookmarks, and share with anyone interested in your bookmarks.

Adding a bookmark

1. Go to your iGoogle page
2. Find “Google Bookmarks” module.
3. Enter the URL, Name and Labels for your site. Name should be appealing for other people who may be interested in the bookmark. Include the keyword phrase into your title as well.

4. Click “Add” button and your site is bookmarked!

And remember that now you have one more external link to your site. Congratulations!

If you haven’t tried a Bookmarking site, join one, and use it for a few months before you make a judgment on how useful it is. And surely use Share Your Site feature provided with our classifieds software to encourage your visitors to add your site to their bookmarks.