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“Classifieds in Your Language” Discount Campaign launched

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

WorksForWeb, a well-known worldwide provider of efficient online classifieds solutions for small and medium businesses, launches a one-month long “Classifieds in Your Language” discount campaign to support further development of language files for iAuto, iLister and iRealty.

The ‘Classifieds in Your Language’ campaign launches on 7 September 2009 and will last for one month.

Every participant can get up to $100 of discount off any Standard Edition license in exchange for a new lang file for iAuto, iLIster, or iRealty from the Top Wanted list of languages needed (all other promotions are not applicable as part of this offer).

Participants can also get up to $50 of discount off any Standard Edition license (iAuto, iLister, or iRealty) for updating or improving an existing lang file.

In addition to that, five lucky participants selected randomly will each get a Banner Management Addon (BMA) as an extra bonus.

To take part in the campaign, please WorksForWeb official website to get more info about the campaign terms

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