Marketing Tips: Providing The Competitive Advantage Through Writing Success Stories

Just imagine that your classifieds site is one of the most successful in the on-line classifieds industry, but no one knows about this fact. The both sides – you and your prospect clients – suffer. You are not properly rewarded for your efforts because nobody knows about your excellence and your clients  don’t know what good services are available for them to use and how they can be benefitted.


You should do something to make the public to get to know about your accomplishments. How?

We’ve got the answer! Write a success story! Success story, case study, customer testimonial – whatever you call them they are a valuable sales and marketing tool, as their main goal is to impact public and make them visit your site and use your products or services. Almost everybody loves to read about success stories. They are always about a challenge, new experience and looking for solutions.

What Is a Success Story?

In general, success story is an example of a successful practice when a company has achieved documented successful results. Success stories can be as short as 3-4 paragraphs or as long as 20 pages. It can be distributed in print, as PDFs, in the company newsletter, it also can be posted on the Web site, distributed at conferences, packaged and tailored to particular audiences for customer meetings, and sent in direct mail packages.

Why to write success stories?

·         To give your readers an example of real successful project. Examples will help to understand difficult concepts and complex business issues. And solutions that can solve the issues.

·         To generate empathy to enable readers to empathize with the challenge that you faced in the success story, in case your readers face a similar problem. The goal is make readers to closely identify with the author of the relevant success story.

·         To add credibility. People believe success stories because such case studies usually relate a factual situations, besides they are full of real facts. A good success story full with facts and figures can also demonstrate ROI (if the documentation of a return on investment is possible). 

·         To share your ideas and to learn what works and what doesn’t work.

·         To let the public know that you do good work that positively impacts the lives of people

Anyway writing a success story about your business can not only provide the competitive advantage that your business need, but give you additional reason to be proud of yourself which is also important for a successful businessman like you. 

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