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Catch Buyers Attention And Drive On-Line Sales At Classified Ads Site

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Catch Buyers Attention And Drive On-Line Sales At Classified Ads SiteToo often I am asked the question by people who are selling online via classified ads sites, “why items at equal prices from the same site are selling differently”?  For example, two online sellers offer cell phones. Of course, good technical parameters and low price are what potential buyers look for. In our case, the cell phones have the same technical parameters and the sellers set the equal prices. But how to explain the situation when one seller has a lot of sales and another hasn’t sold them at all?

Creating an attractive listing at a classifieds website with good visual effects is critical to the success of getting your item sold. It is a vital step in the selling process. The purchase starts when your product attracts your client’s attention. Your potential buyers can not view or touch your products in reality. They are trying to compose their opinion only according to the product visuals.

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Detailed feature description for classified ads scripts by WorksForWeb available

Friday, March 12th, 2010

We enhanced our classifieds scripts feature lists with the detailed descriptions for Credit Points System feature! Instant attention-getter for ads – Highlight Ads feature and Rating For Listings Feature are also described in details. Check them all!

Exchanging Credits for Ads: The Art of Monetizing Your Website

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Exchanging Credits for classified ads websites Searching Google, a phrase “Credit cards are nearly    universal”  caught my attention.  Yep, fully agree with the fact that the Internet would never be the same if it wasn’t for credit cards.  Internet payment sprang a wider use of credit cards, which in turn helped finance the development of e-businesses, including shopping portals like Ebay, pushing e-commerce to a whole new level.

For every single benefit on-site credit card payment processing brings along, Internet security experts will happily name threats that dramatically reduce or eliminate such benefits, scaring the heck out of website owners.  For websites with paid memberships and paid services, when credit cards are being used more than once or on a regular basis, security threats become even more acute. Is there an alternative that will eliminate many, if not all, the risks?

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