Six Myths about Nulled Scripts, or There’s No Such Thing as Free Lunch

Once every so often our customers are asking us how come on some websites our classified software is sold at a fraction of price or is even free. They further ask how come they have to pay for the software if they can download it for free.  Those questions are legitimate and deserve a separate article below.

Most of you have already seen popular software brands and packages available on certain websites such as Germany-based Rapidshare and the likes. The software is offered free of charge or for a nominal price with the labels “Nulled” or “Software Name + keygen”, etc.  This essentially means that the software anti-piracy mechanisms have been illegally tampered with or re-engineered. This is a common plague that the entire software industry is suffering from to a certain degree, and the more popular the software becomes, the more frequently its defenses are being tested (sometimes successfully).

Many potential customers share one or more of the six common myths about the use of nulled scripts. Let us take a closer look at those myths…

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