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Interview – Natalia Mokina, Founder of

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Interview – Natalia Mokina, Founder of Nevesta.kgOur interviewee is Natalia Mokina, founder of – a classifieds website for brides. We thank Natalia for her time spent answering our questions:

  • Tell us about your internet project. Who are the users of your project?
  • How did you get an idea to create this project?
  • What is the most important thing in launching an internet project?
  • What was the most difficult thing in starting an internet project?
  • What qualities must have an internet project founder?

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Some Ideas To Start Your Own Online Classifieds Business – Part 2

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
Need an idea for classifieds ads business? We continue sharing the ideas for your own online classifieds ads business based on iLister classifieds ads software by WorksForWeb. iLister is a multi-language SEO-optimized PHP listing script for creating classifieds websites with multiple categories categories (cars, realty, scripts, jobs, personals, pets, electronics, clothing, etc) from scratch. Online Classifieds Business based on iLister PHP listng script

Restaurant and Hotel Guide for your local community

You can create a clean-cut Yellow Pages-style online Restaurant and Hotel Guide with iLister PHP listing script. It features popular neighborhood locations or tourist hot spots, and serves as a great town/city guide for visitors and locals alike. You can add extra sections (entertainment, sports and recreational activities) to turn your iLister-based website into a veritable city/town community making money on banner advertisements from local service providers and listing fees. Here is a perfect example of how versatile iLister classifieds ads software can be addressed to specific industry needs. Such a guide for your local community is a steady source of income from local businesses lined up to post their ads on your resource.

Online Travel Agency

What do you think about a travel agency website? Great overview of travel packages on the front page. Hot/discounted tours posted as Featured Ads. Detailed description of every tour on static pages, with a summary of the offers for every country also on a static page with links to individual descriptions. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Each listing displays essential field data: price, starting date, ending date, countries visited, a colorful slide show of places of interest, detailed description with an itinerary, and the ability to book the tour by sending a reservation request (event calendar). Summary of all the offers by continents, countries and regions worldwide can be presented at the front page.

Collectibles Website

One of the most obvious and simple applications of iLister listng script is creating a collectable website. It requires no modifications of iLister classifieds ads software. You should simply remove all existing categories and add new categories and subcategories corresponding to all varieties of the collectables you are covering. You can have an all-in-one collectable classifieds ads website for your local area, or run a nation-wide collectable website on a more specific category (dolls collectable, knives, baseball cards, coins or stamps), or even a very focused website (Pre-WWII Silver Dollar Collectable, or Bowie Knives of the World).

WorksForWeb offers a wide range of business solutions based on the classifieds ads software. Only few ideas are mentioned here. Feel free to share your ideas about starting your online business and get free professional consultation from our Sales Team. Please send your requests to , and and we’ll be happy to address your inquiries.