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Winter Holiday Sale 2012

Monday, December 24th, 2012

WorksForWeb is hosting a traditional Christmas and New Year sale. The discount campaign started on 20 December and will finish on the New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2012.  For details, please visit our Winter Holiday Sale page.

Six Myths about Nulled Scripts, or There’s No Such Thing as Free Lunch

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Once every so often our customers are asking us how come on some websites our classified software is sold at a fraction of price or is even free. They further ask how come they have to pay for the software if they can download it for free.  Those questions are legitimate and deserve a separate article below.

Most of you have already seen popular software brands and packages available on certain websites such as Germany-based Rapidshare and the likes. The software is offered free of charge or for a nominal price with the labels “Nulled” or “Software Name + keygen”, etc.  This essentially means that the software anti-piracy mechanisms have been illegally tampered with or re-engineered. This is a common plague that the entire software industry is suffering from to a certain degree, and the more popular the software becomes, the more frequently its defenses are being tested (sometimes successfully).

Many potential customers share one or more of the six common myths about the use of nulled scripts. Let us take a closer look at those myths…

Hosted2Standard Upgrade Campaign Launched

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010
Hosted2Standard Upgrade - Get Yourself The Best and Save Big!

Tired of the winter and eager to change things for the better? The time for transformation has come! WorksForWeb announces Limited time offer for all Hosted Edition owners of iLister listing script: “Hosted2Standard Upgrade”.

Get more details about the Hosted2Standard Upgrade Campaign at WorksForWeb official website.

Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by!

WorksForWeb redesigned corporate site released

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

After several months of development, we are proud to release our long awaited totally redesigned corporate website: This redesigned website provides more detailed information about our company activity and services, and features in-depth information about our classifieds products: iRealty, iAuto and iLIster. So why did we decide to make the changes and what did we do to improve the site?

WorksForWeb corporate siteWe created our classifieds products from scratch. It was a long way from simple PHP script to sophisticated yet easy-to-use classifieds engine capable to run large classifieds portals. Our old product sites grew up with the products step by step, from enhancement to enhancement. And one day we realized that our old product sites cannot serve the needs of our top-notched products and it does not reflect our organisation’s current market position. We know that we have to evolve to ensure we can deliver what customers need today. A web site redesign was a great opportunity to evaluate where we are today and where we want to be in the future.

At the beginning of the redesign we outlined the main purposes of the site as follows:

  • Enhance customer perception of our classifieds products and WorksForWeb services
  • Ensure an online presence in the face of similar moves by competitors
  • Provide customers with the ability to view the product demo on-line
  • Provide an opportunity to inform people about classifieds scripts in which they may be interested, thus enhancing customer service and increasing sales.

Several months of hard work of designers and developers allow us to present you our new redesigned site. So what’s the value?

We tried to make the web site well presented and provide it a professional appearance. Now the site appears to contain most of the information a customer would require. We use the language and visual cues in a manner that is both internally consistent and consistent with general practice, so our customers do not have to learn any new techniques in order to use the site successfully.

One of the most important challenges was the necessity to consolidate four sites in one (three products sites and one company site) and retain the navigation through the site clear and user-friendly. We worked hard to design 4-level menu. The 1-st level menu presents our company, products and services, the 2-nd level menu navigates you through the scripts and addons available. The 3-d level menu guides you through the information about each product: iAuto, iRealty and iLister, product features, portfolio, demos, documentation, etc. And finally the 4-th level menu (it’s displayed in the right block of the site unlike the previous three menu levels which are located under the site header) invites you to look deeper into the detailed info about product editions and detailed functionality descriptions. If necessary, a site map is available.

We designed the site with our valued customers in mind so we did our best to provide all necessary means of communication. We encourage you to contact us through the contact forms specially designed for pre-sales questions, submitting testimonials and feature requests and general suggestions, besides you can call us or chat via Skype.

We created the site with love and desire to make your surfing through our site and searching for the information smooth and problemless. Our designers tried to make the site attractive and pleasant to look at. You are our most severe judges and the best usability consultants. We are eager to listen to your opinion about our efforts regarding the site redesign. We would like to offer you to fill in a short survey on the site redesign. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

“Classifieds in Your Language” Discount Campaign launched

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

WorksForWeb, a well-known worldwide provider of efficient online classifieds solutions for small and medium businesses, launches a one-month long “Classifieds in Your Language” discount campaign to support further development of language files for iAuto, iLister and iRealty.

The ‘Classifieds in Your Language’ campaign launches on 7 September 2009 and will last for one month.

Every participant can get up to $100 of discount off any Standard Edition license in exchange for a new lang file for iAuto, iLIster, or iRealty from the Top Wanted list of languages needed (all other promotions are not applicable as part of this offer).

Participants can also get up to $50 of discount off any Standard Edition license (iAuto, iLister, or iRealty) for updating or improving an existing lang file.

In addition to that, five lucky participants selected randomly will each get a Banner Management Addon (BMA) as an extra bonus.

To take part in the campaign, please WorksForWeb official website to get more info about the campaign terms

Questions? Additional Info? Please send your inquiries to our Sales Dept at, or

WorksForWeb Launches a New Release of iAuto, iLister and iRealty to Enhance Income Generation from Classifieds Websites

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

WorksForWeb is proud to come up with a new version of its classifieds software: iLister 4.6.0, iRealty 4.7.0 and iAuto 4.6.0. As of this version, we’re offering ability to display video from YouTube, brand new search among users, ability to include a slideshow to listings. You will now have a wonderful opportunity to use WYSIWYG editor in text-fields and make the listings highlighted. Several bug fixes and existing features enhancements have been also added. Along with amazing performance, customizability and speed you can now enjoy the expanded functionality aimed at the providing you as a classifieds site owner with new reliable revenue streams to earn more and more money offering your visitors and clients new options to make their listings stay out of the crowd.

Now users can easily add a vivid and informative slideshow to their listings. Users simply pay for this option to be enabled by the administrator and get access to the opportunity to create an attractive slide show. The slide show includes all necessary elements for comfortable viewing of the slides uploaded for the listing (start/stop/pause buttons, customizing slide changing intervals, etc.)

Another great feature – displaying video from YouTube in listings – will allow you to add a block displaying videos directly from YouTube and similar video sites. This option can be provided by the administrator for any listing on paid basis. The administrator can turn on this function for all listings making this option absolutely free to use for all registered users or this function can be enabled for only several user groups and few listings paid by your clients. Sometimes a short video clip can say much more than words or even a number of pictures, so it’s a good reason for your users to pay for the video in listing and a great chance for them to present the listing in the best way.

The administrator can now create a page with the ability to perform search among the registered users of the site. Users will be able to specify search criteria and view the results which will include the list of the users from the selected group. So you can now enjoy the search among the registered users having all the search opportunities you are used to have with previous versions of iLister, iRealty and iAuto classifieds software. Besides the search results are generated and displayed as a separate page with specific URL where user information is presented (including logo, contacts, links to full user profile and all listings by this user). This feature is a great chance for those dealers who has no their own web-site. The generated web-page can be presented by the dealer to clients and provide on-line presence at minimum costs.

The new version of the classifieds software also offers powerful formatting capabilities for text-fields in listings with WYSIWYG editor to visually improve content and make it more attractive and readable.

New version of iLister, iRealty and iAuto classifieds software provides the ability to highlight the selected listings. It will surely play its positive role in attracting attention of the prospective clients. The administrator of the classifieds site can enable highlight feature and set the price for using the feature. Listing owner can activate highlighting simply by pressing on “Make Highlighted” button and enjoy this additional opportunity to make listings visibly outstanding.

You are welcome to find more information on the changes and improvements implemented to iAuto, iRealty, and iLister on the official WFW website at Alternatively, you can contact, email or chat with our Sales Team. Please send your requests to, and and we’ll be happy to address your inquiries.